Achieving Our Goals: Our Program

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By WRC Marketing

The Women’s Resilience Centre will provide sustainable and long-term recovery via our program to break the cycle of abuse in families. The centre will be a safe place where women can allow themselves to feel vulnerable and safe to understand and address their trauma.


Therapeutic programs and ongoing aftercare will be offered to those women actively experiencing abuse, or those who are past sufferers experiencing ongoing stress.


Our effectual and clinically evidenced programs include therapeutic and practical workshops, and psychoeducational sessions designed to assist women enhance their understanding of abuse, and develop core skills to assist with their reintegration with the wider society.

The programs include topics such as:

Healthy boundaries

Relationships and resilience

Financial decision making

Engaging a lawyer

Physical health and mindfulness


The program will be delivered by clinical psychologists, therapists and other professionals who have extensive experience in trauma-informed work and domestic abuse encompassing DBT, CBT and other models of care.

The community and peer mentoring program will build positive support networks and an ongoing program of aftercare. Attendees at our physical program will also be engaged in integrated case management where they will have regular time with a dedicated social worker who can advise and support them and their children through important life decisions.


Initially programs will be delivered online and made available through a webinar platform. However, as the program evolves, will be providing a physical location for women to come and stay onsite throughout the duration of the program, or attend for a day workshop.

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