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Lived Experience Advisory

The Women’s Resilience Centre Lived Experience Advisory offers a unique platform for the involvement and inclusion of those with lived experience or vicarious lived experience of domestic violence and abuse. Their experience will inform our centre with regard to online program content and design, service delivery and design, communications and information, and quality of care. This participation is fundamental to building effective working relationships, underpinning strong governance, and driving better outcomes.

What we provide

It is expected that positive gain will be achieved with direct and greater input from those with lived experience, and from external experts into the planning, delivery and evaluation of initiatives and services within the WRC.

Consumers provide valuable insights derived from their lived experience. Our Lived Experience Advisory provides a unique opportunity to glean insight from women who have the lived experience of, and recovery from, domestic abuse.

Our core goals

To provide advise in relation to issues which affect domestic abuse service provision in Australia. 

To facilitate ideas and offer views to the Women’s Resilience Centre leadership team on ways to improve services through exploration of different service models as appropriate.

To provide input into resources and communication, such as client information brochures.

To advise and provide input on strategic planning and organisational objectives. 

Our motivation

The Women’s Resilience Centre Advisory is comprised of women who have personal or indirect, family-related experience of domestic abuse, who are volunteering their time to help other. It is intended that, as our program continues to mature, past consumers of the program will also be involved as their insights will be informative and invaluable.

The Advisory will enable the Women’s Resilience Centre to receive direct, transparent, and honest insight regarding both residential and online treatment, as well as safety and governance issues.


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We cannot overstate the value that this consumer involvement offers. Simone Allen, Women’s Resilience Centre Founder, shares,

“The knowledge and insight these women can offer is invaluable. The Centre is so grateful for their honesty, their time, and their willingness to share their journeys with us. We will work hard to ensure that their input informs and shapes our program, treatment, collateral and communications as appropriate and look forward to working closely together as an Advisory.”

If you are interested in joining this Advisory or wish to find out more information: