We’re here for you

We’re a community of people who understand, who can relate, and who know that
recovery and resilience can be found through judgement free, peer-to-peer support.

Hope and companionship
Guided by the lived experience of many, we know that a safe and secure environment is paramount to enabling women to reset their lives and move forward with confidence.

Mentoring is Magic!

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. “ Oprah Winfrey 

People feel like they can move mountains if they feel supported. Mentoring from someone who has lived a similar journey can be one of the most powerful supports that you will find.

Mentorship builds a strong sense of belonging, non-judgemental guidance, understanding and peer to peer live experience support. Speaking about past experiences can be cathartic, enabling survivors to feel truly heard. Group mentoring can also create a safe outlet to discuss and build a network of support amongst peers and a huge sense of belonging.
Critical to the Women’s Resilience program is a peer-to-peer mentoring service, cross-border, face to face and online. Our primary focus is long-term sustainable recovery, utilising the power of mentoring, following an effective trauma-sensitive, evidence grounded clinical & capacity building resilience program.

The Women’s Resilience Centre has researched with UTS and our Lived Experience Advisory and has identified the best practices for our service:
• We carefully screen to ensure mentors are skilled and can offer an empathetic lived experience, demonstrate a strong road to recovery and living a positive life.
• Mentors and mentees are effectively matched using Mentor Evolution Technology and an intake assessment.
• Ongoing training and professional development is provided to ensure safety and insights.

Participation will bring benefits to individuals and the community. Individually, women will be introduced to the tools to resist returning to a violent environment from which they have escaped thus, preventing a continuation of the shocking cycle of abuse.

To register your interest in Mentoring, please contact our Mentoring Coordinator at mentoring@wresilience.com.au
Or reach out to our team to learn more.