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By WRC Marketing

Psychoeducation addresses the causes and consequences of domestic abuse and its traumatic effects. We offer a range of initiatives designed to assist women develop necessary skills to understand and overcome their experiences and prepare them for a safe and productive reintegration with society 

The programs are created and facilitated by licensed clinical psychologist, Kate Baggs, focusing on cognitive and emotional skill development to address trauma-related symptoms and other life goals and concerns. 

Lecture topics 

  • Building your safety framework 
  • Building self-esteem from within  
  • Developing healthy boundaries 
  • Identifying and building healthy relationships 
  • Emotional regulation and distress tolerance 
  • Healthy lifestyle – self-care and creating joy and hope 


Practical Skills Workshops: 

  • Attention to ongoing safety  
  • Planning healthy meals on a budget  
  • Managing your personal finances  
  • Employment preparation 
  • Parenting and play  
  • Communication skills 


Body and Spirit Classes: 

  • Yoga  
  • Meditation and mindfulness 


Community and Volunteer-Led Activities 

  • Clothing donations and swaps 
  • 12 step meetings  
  • Community kitchen garden  
  • Art workshops  
  • Choir  
  • Music appreciation initiatives 



We place an important focus on promoting survivors’ strengths as well as their cultural past experiences on which they can draw. We seek to provide women with a mentor to share their forward journey to independence and success. 

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