Supporting Staff and Customers Impacted by Domestic Abuse

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By WRC Marketing

Lisa McAdams is an ambassador to the Women’s Resilience Centre. She is a domestic violence survivor, strategist and solutions consultant. Lisa is passionate about educating in the workplace, because she understands the impact of financial abuse, and knows continued employment is key for financial stability along with psychological and emotional well-being. Employment improves outcomes and can ultimately save lives.

Her philosophy is closely aligned with the Women’s Resilience centre and the advisory are absolutely delighted to have her support and her experience as part of the centre.

In addition to her company, Safe Space Workplace, Lisa has a published book entitled, ‘Domestic Violence – Changing Culture Saving Lives.’  The intention of this book is that it will help workplaces to better understand the complexities of domestic violence and the impact on their business and the role the workplace plays, so employees no longer feel out of their depth.

In addition, it will help employees better understand the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse, to gain empathy and understanding, and to develop the confidence to communicate effectively.

Lisa shares her knowledge, strategies, and advice intertwined with her personal story to deepen the understanding of this complex issue. This book will give workplaces the confidence to discuss and deal with domestic violence in the workplace in a knowledgeable way.

The Women’s Resilience Centre advisory have read the book and wholeheartedly support its message and its intention and are excited to have Lisa’s support as part of our team.

For more information please visit Lisa’s website on:

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