The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever Northern Beaches 2022

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By WRC Marketing

The Women’s Resilience Centre is a northern beaches initiative. It is a service to provide hope, healing and long term recovery for women and their families who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse and trauma.

The statistics state that one women dies every 8 days in Australia and on the Northern Beaches over 130 + DV incidents are reported each month. Trauma is Iike a cancer that pervades if not dealt with and it presents itself through dysfunctional behaviour.

It is estimated that 75% of Australian adults have experienced a traumatic event at some point in their life (Productivity Commission estimates using ABS 2009). International studies estimate that 62–68% of young people will have been exposed to at least one traumatic event by the age of 17.

The key to a road to recovery from trauma is a non judgemental empathic and supportive community. If we do not repair we will repeat. For women stepping out of domestic violence on the northern Beaches there are some incredibly supportive short term crisis care shelters where women can go, but they can only stay in residence for 12 weeks and then where did they go? Who is there to support them? Usually a case worker is assigned to them for a period of time. How do they navigate stepping forward as dealing with trauma that takes about 7 years to recover.

In Australia women on average return to unsafe places 7-11 times, as they have no clear pathway forward.

The Women’s Resilience Centre provides the support and community care between short-term crisis care and longer-term recovery. We provide capability building Resilience Programs supported by a lived-experience peer-to-peer Mentoring Program. Currently we are already delivering a national financial well being online program, with mental health practitioners in attendance to support participants. Enrolments for the winter series of the Financial Wellbeing program have reached nationally, proving the good will of the a Northern Beaches Community.

Exciting news – we open our first hub in Mona vale very close to this location in spring. The centre will allow women a place to come and breathe to find programs of support and community to learn new skills and to learn to play and smile again and connect with a supportive non judgemental community.

We are asking for support for the Women’s Resilience Centre as it is completely volunteer led and all our funding to date has been through the good will of this community, we have raised $250k but need more support to operate our centre, prove the model of long term community support and care and roll our service out nationally to regional areas of Australia. Many people came to the sea to heal and and we are blessed in this community to have a playground of mother nature combined with incredible giving well-being experts to prove the model that we want to offer of long-term support for families who have suffered domestic violence and trauma. If you have time to volunteer to offer well-being services – whether it be health or recreational learning programs – singing classes, yoga , meditation, cooking etc or financial support please get in touch with us.

Big thank you to Elise Andrews for organising this amazing event!

Resetting Lives! Positively impacting generations ahead! This day was about dancing and celebrating that we are worthy of peace, finding our agency and receiving the bounty of this life.

Thank you for joining us.

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