Who We Are

The Women’s Resilience Centre founded in 2020 is a place of hope, healing and recovery for women who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse and trauma. Whilst many government and voluntary services provide housing and support for victims, most are short-term and through desperation, many women return to unsafe environments thereby perpetuating the tragic cycle of abuse and trauma.

The WRC is positioned to fill the gap between short-term crisis care and longer-term recovery. We provide a Resilience Program supported by a lived-experience peer-to-peer Mentoring Program, delivered nationally online and face-to-face. Through partnerships with housing providers, we are planning a national network of residential accommodation for up to 12 months, providing a safe space for women to reset their lives.

Why It Matters

Millions of women and families all over Australia are struggling to overcome unwarranted abuse and trauma with many not succeeding. Abuse is not a SHE or a HE issue, it is a WE issue. This has to stop and WE as a community must help women and families reset their lives, change the legacy of abuse and trauma and achieve generational change.

1 woman in Australia dies every 8 days as a result of domestic abuse
Violence against women is costing the Australian economy $22 billion a year
Victims return 8 to 11 times before they leave for good or die

1 in 4 Women in Australia are affected by domestic violence

Founder's Story

Simone Allan

Simone Allan

Director and Founder, Women’s Resilience Centre
Director, The Mentor Evolution and Mondo Search
Committee Member of South Pacific Private Hospital
Volunteer Surf Life Saver

The granddaughter of a sheep farmer,  She was born in Armidale before moving to Walgett, Blayney then Sydney. Her parents divorced at 8 & her father left to follow his charter supporting indigenous communities. Raised by a single mum, with 2 younger brothers & no close relatives nearby her upbringing was isolating and often filled with tragedy. Mentors became her support.

In 1998, Simone founded Mondo Search & the Mentor Evolution, placing over 2800 business leaders and connecting schools and corporations through mentoring.

In 2011, Simone hit burnout and embarked on a journey of recovery. She discovered the power of good recovery programs to support people with trauma histories, especially aided by mentors. Her background and experience came together with the founding of the Womens Resilience Centre in 2020, her “True North”, bringing together her charter of  Women’s health, mentoring, practical job readiness, skills & sustainable recovery programs.

Lived Experience

Our ‘Lived Experience Advisory’ provide unique insights and understanding of women who have survived and are recovering from domestic abuse. To preserve confidentiality, they cannot be named, however, we are enormously grateful for the sharing of their stories as they provide a level of authenticity to our work that allows us to provide targeted, sensitive and respectful support.